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Buying glasses online – Beware!

So you’ve seen that perfect pair of glasses online. They look great on the screen. That girl from your office says she always buys her glasses online. What harm could it do, right?

Online shopping has grown to extraordinary lengths and the optical world is no different. Except it is.

So often you can see a picture of a frame and get the totally wrong idea of how it will look. Online retailers have even included ‘virtual trying on’ on many websites so you can ‘see’ how the frame will look on your face. Unfortunately, they don’t take into account the width of your nose, the distance between your eyes or the height of your cheekbones, to name a few.

How to choose the right glasses

A pair of glasses might look great on a photo of you, but on your actual face, you need an optical dispenser or optician to recognise that you need a slightly wider bridge or a slightly deeper lens.

That is what we are trained to see.

It is these small observations that make the difference between a perfect fitting pair of glasses, custom-adjusted to your face and a mistake that has cost you money and time.

So next time you are looking at glasses, talk to the experts and save yourself money.


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