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The Customer Service Difference

Almost on a daily basis, we find ourselves lamenting the slow death of good, old-fashioned customer service.

The local grocer who packed your goods and dropped them off on his way home, the small neighbourhood hardware store whose owner actually knew the answer to all of your questions, and the local butcher who always had scraps set aside for your dog and the meat prepared just the way you like it when he saw you coming.

All is not lost, however.

Many small businesses have realised (or had never forgotten) the true importance of making each and every customer truly heard. In so many industries the “big guy” has tried to take over and, in doing so, costs and staff were cut and the loser was the customer.

How often do you find yourself in a large chain store where no one seems to be actually on staff? You spend ten minutes looking for assistance before finding a staff member from the ‘wrong’ department.

Whilst many of us are utilising the internet to aid our shopping experience, unfortunately, it comes with it the loss of much experience in retail.

We have figured out at Eye Gallery (and it really wasn’t that difficult!) that what our customers really want is to feel special!

Special comes in many forms.

  • You want to be heard

  • You want to be understood

  • You want to be helped

We love coming to work because we know that we do all of these things.

We want our customers to come and say ‘hi’ as they’re walking past.

We want them to feel welcome to pop in with a random question.

We want to hear their problems because then we have a chance to solve them.

We are a small, local, business with real people who know their job and will bend over backwards for you.

We are all experts in our field.

We make great coffee!


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