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All you need to know about Multifocal Glasses

Have you ever wondered why you hear so many bad things about multifocal glasses (also known as progressive lenses/glasses)?

Advances in Technology

Technology advances so quickly these days and glasses are certainly no exception. Those people telling you multifocal horror stories are usually either wearing an old outdated design, a cheap design or have jumped from an old design to the newest design quite suddenly.

A great way to grow with the changing technology, and avoid the struggle, is to start with a multifocal as soon as you need assistance with reading. That way, you have a much easier adaption process due to the fact your reading prescription is quite mild to begin with.

Professional Advice

Another way, is to make sure you always get professional advice on lens design from an optician who can give you OPTIONS. If you go to a store who is obliged use a particular brand of lens, you are restricted by their product range. However, if you get advice from an independent optician, you will be given advice based on what is best for you.

Multifocal lenses come in many, many shapes and sizes and our job is to find the best fit for you. You want your optician to take into account your lifestyle, your prescription and your budget. If you are sold a generic lens at the lowest price (which can be tempting at times, I know!) you run the risk of not getting the perfect lens for you. They may suit your pocket, but not your lifestyle. Quite often, the cheap lenses are the ones that give you difficulty with reading,  trouble locating the correct areas to look through and peripheral distortions. With advances in lens design, labs have been able to make a wider field of view and minimise distortions. This makes a huge difference to your day-to-day comfort and is well worth spending a little more to acheive.

Let’s face it, if you have problems with your feet, you spend decent money on good shoes, you don’t buy your shoes from a cheap store. You eyes and vision are so important, it is an investment in your quality of life to have glasses that are easy to use and that give you the best possible vision to suit your particular lifestyle.


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